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Media Law Representation in New Jersey

Robinson Miller LLC represents many of New Jersey's major media organizations, including the state's largest newspaper. The firm also represents commercial websites, wire services, local and national newspapers, magazines and other media organizations that have disputes in New Jersey.

When New York based and national media outlets have New Jersey media law disputes, our lawyers at Robinson Miller LLC often act as local counsel to provide expertise regarding New Jersey media law issues. The firm handles many types of issues for its media clients, including:

  • Libel and slander cases
  • First Amendment cases
  • Reporters's subpoenas
  • Obtaining access to state and federal court proceedings
  • Obtaining access to government information under:
  • New Jersey's Open Public Record Act (OPRA)
  • Federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

The firm's attorneys frequently make emergent court appearances and emergent appeals to open courtroom proceedings to the public, to obtain access to government records and to quash subpoenas served on reporters.