Newark Employment Discrimination Lawyers

New Jersey Wrongful Termination Defense Attorneys

Accusations of illegal employment actions, such as discrimination, can have a drastic impact on a business. At Robinson Miller LLC, the firm's lawyers have years of experience representing management and employers in discrimination matters. They have appeared before several employment and labor agencies, including the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Employers have an obligation to provide a workplace environment that is free from harassment and discrimination. A hostile work environment renders an employee unable to complete his or her daily job tasks and negatively impacts job performance. Allegations of discrimination or other issues that create a supposedly hostile work environment should be taken seriously.

Types of Alleged Employment Discrimination

Allegations of employment discrimination can be based upon a number of reasons or characteristics, many of which fall under federally protected classifications, such as:

  • Sex and gender discrimination
  • Age discrimination
  • National origin, color or race discrimination
  • Disability discrimination
  • Pregnancy discrimination
  • Sexual orientation discrimination

Regardless of the type of discrimination claim that has been lodged against you or your business, the firm can stand up for your rights in state and/or federal court, depending on the jurisdiction and specifics of the case.

The firm can also handle any other types of employment issues that may arise from the discrimination claim, such as accusations of sexual harassment, retaliation or wrongful termination.